MotiveWave- Replay the Market at High Speed to Shorten Your Learning Curve

Have you ever wanted to learn to find trading opportunities, refine your trading skills and see the results almost immediately. What if you could go back in time and Replay the unfolding of a market at high speed, instead of at real Time? You could quickly improve your skills, test your Set-ups, and gain Confidence without risking any real money. This is an extended review of the MotiveWave software.

I recently posted a Review of the MotiveWave software. I mentioned that it was difficult bringing it to a close because of all the valuable tools in MotiveWave. Consider this a second installment of the MotiveWave Review: Discover MotiveWave – Crack the Elliott Wave Code. Please allow me to review another priceless feature – The Replay mode.

Replay the market with “Replay Mode

I am involved in another excellent training course by Jody Samuels. In the course, she has described several potential profit Set-Ups. Students are to do at least 10 trades on each Set-up. For someone, like me, who is NOT a full-time trader a lot of time would be required to accomplish all these trades.

I started looking online for software that can play back a market at high speed. I knew it is possible because several years ago I made made a few Camtasia recordings, of the Forex market, that could be played back very rapidly. The idea was for me to be able to quickly play a market back. However, I had to record the market movement in real-time. Thus, it was not practical.

Then,  I discovered that MotiveWave had the Replay Mode feature.

What is Replay Mode, in MotiveWave?

Replay Mode allows you to enter a date from the past and quickly Replay that historical data. When I tested it I was able to crank up the speed and watch, before my eyes, the a month’s worth of market unfold in a just a few minutes. I plan to practice my entries and exits with this tool.

Where can you find it, in MotiveWave?

If it is not already on the console, at the top of the MotiveWave Screen, you can access it by clicking on View / Replay Mode.

Here is what the controls look like:

Select the starting date by clicking, on the drop-down, to the right of the date field.

By clicking on the little image to the left of the “X” in the upper right you gain access to the speed controls.

I put together the following video to give you a quick overview of this feature:



The Replay Mode allows you to review historical data from any given point in time. Use it to confirm your understanding of pattern recognition,  trading signals and to test and retest your knowledge and understanding.

If you are using MotiveWave this feature will allow you to go through historical charts at incredible speed. It will allow you to take more practice trades and shorten your learning curve. Jody’s Wavy Tunnel students have been enjoyng this High-Speed trading feature.


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