In Search of a Financial Market GPS

In search for a Financial Market GPSWhat if it were possible to develop a GPS Unit that could help You Navigate the Financial Markets like Stocks and FOREX? What if it could tell you where the Market is and where it might be going?


A Financial Market GPS

As far as I know this has not yet been invented, however if it did exist the hand held version might look something like this:

The Market GPS would be able to tell you where the market is and it might suggest where the market is going.

The Reality of Market Navigation

To my knowledge no such device has yet been developed. However, there are a number of trading methods, systems, software and strategies that help traders navigate the markets. Here are a few:

Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Many traders have found that candlestick patterns often signal Market Reversals. It has been found that the candlestick signal in conjunction with an over bought or over sold oscillator condition is more effective. Steve Nison is the one credited for bringing this method to the western world.

Software Solutions

What if software could help you identify the Elliott Waves? For those who have a basic understanding of the Elliott Wave pattern you will see the value of knowing what wave is currently in play. This would give you an idea of the next pull back or trend change. MotiveWave offers a software platform that does this. I am sure there are others out there but I have had personal experience with this one. It’s impressive.

Trading Methods and Strategies

Traders are inventive and keen observers of the markets. We are always looking for better ways to identify trends and Market Reversals. A trading strategy is a method that helps traders identify market patterns and reversals. I am sure that there are dozens of useful and innovative strategies being used. Jody Samuels, a long term trader and coach, teaches about the Wavy Tunnel Method. Her method uses multiple time frames and has five individual set ups.

The 1-2-3 Method

This strategy has probably been used since the beginning of trading as we know it. It involves three extremes in price. An entry is indicated when a new high or low is formed beyond Point 3. This pattern is on every chart in every time frame. There is a good reason for that. It has to do with the basic Elliott Wave structure. For more information see my post, “The 1-2-3 Pattern and Its Elliott Wave Connection.”

The 1-2-3 Tunnel Method NEW

This strategy is our contribution. We believe that The 1-2-3 Tunnel Method is another strategy that can help you navigate the market- as though you were using a Market GPS. The method helps point you to the most profitable 1-2-3 Patterns that often lead to large moves.


Although no one has come up with a hand held Market GPS there are many trading methods and software solutions that are bringing it closer to reality. In fact, we are currently developing and testing such a strategy. We call it The 1-2-3 Tunnel Method. If you are interested in learning and testing a new method that could earn its place as a Market GPS sign up for the FREE training below.

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