How to Trade Diagonal Triangles

The Diagonal Triangle, sometimes called an “Ending Diagonal,” is one of thirteen Elliott Wave Patterns. It provides Superior Risk/Reward Trade Setups. According to Jeffrey W. Kennedy, Senior Analyst, editor Daily Futures Junctures and Monthly Futures Junctures, “The Diagonal Triangle is the most dynamic wave pattern above all others.” Learn about the “Kennedy Challenge” that could Turbocharge your Trading.

“Diagonal Triangles are easy to identify, and they introduce dramatic reversals in price, typically to the origin of the pattern and then some! Furthermore, the parameters of this wave pattern are easily discernible and useful in formulating a trade plan.”

I clearly remember my first Diagonal Triangle experience. I had just completed Jeffrey Kennedy’s two-part Online Course called How to Trade Diagonal Triangles.

At the time I was also taking another training course on Elliott Waves. Just before the morning session, of that live class, I identified my first Diagonal Triangle. I remember multi-tasking as the instructor lectured on Elliott Waves. I saw the triangle developing on a chart and I wanted to tell someone.

There was a chat box at the bottom of the screen so I entered: “A diagonal Triangle is about to break on the GBP/JPY 15 min chart. It is going to break downward.” Someone asked, “How far down?”  I remember, from Jeffrey Kennedy’s online video course, that they can travel to the origin of the pattern and beyond. So, I quickly looked at the origin of the pattern and said, “It should drop to at least 239.90.” Later, I realized that it would be a 240 pip move. By the end of the day it reached the target and more.

The next morning, in that class, the instructor commented that Thomas hit the nail on the head yesterday with a trade call.

The Kennedy Challenge: “If you would like to improve your trading, next year, by ten-fold focus on trading Diagonal Triangles. Listen to Jeffrey Kennedy’s challenge at the end of part two of his How to Trade Diagonal Triangles course.

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