About Elliott Wave Nuggets:

Elliott Wave Nuggets is being designed as an educational resource for beginner and intermediate traders. Those new to trading appreciate complex concepts that are presented in ways that can be easily grasped. Our passion is to help traders “Discover and See Patterns in Chaos” by providing a foundation in Elliott Wave Principles. For example, classical chart patterns are explained in Elliott Wave terms. We think it is important that traders have access to tools and resources that shorten their learning curves and set them up for a positive experience in the market. With that in mind, traders are introduced to a High Speed Practice Trading technique which allows them to replay months of price movement in hours. This allows them to quickly test trading strategies and indicators against an Elliott Wave framework so that they can gain skill and confidence before risking real money.


About Our Logo:

Our logo’s image consists of a 1-2-3 Pattern and a Head and Shoulders Pattern identified on Elliott’s Basic 8-Wave Pattern. The background illustrates that the apparent chaos has a real and intricate structure that is well-defined by mathematical relationships. (Note: I learned of the classical chart patterns / Elliott Wave connection from Trader, Coach Jody Samuels. In her Trainings she helps traders see patterns in chaos.)

About Thomas:

Thomas LeBlanc has an unusual skill for presenting difficult concepts in simple terms. This skill enabled him to publish a technical study guide with McGraw Hill Publishers that empowered thousands of students and technicians to pass a difficult FCC examination. This “Best Seller” was used by branches of the military and numerous technical schools, including ITT Technical Institute and LA Trade Tech.

He is particularly interested in Elliott Waves and their fractal nature. He is intrigued with the idea that meaningful information and patterns can be seen in apparent chaos. He studied Elliott Waves with Jody Samuels, a world-renowned FX trader and coach. He assisted, in her classes, by producing elaborate visual summaries of her trade setups. He also studied Elliott Waves through Elliott Wave International.